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How can we become IMPACT players as professional salespeople?  Here are a few ideas:

I = Intensity
We must be focused on our goals and dedicated to put forth the effort necessary to achieve those goals. Intensity doesn’t mean being so serious you aren’t enjoying the process. It does mean being serious enough to overcome obstacles that stand in the way. Remember: you are either intense … or you are past tense!

M = Model the correct behavior
Yogi Berra once said you could observe a lot by watching! We should observe positive role models and “steal” the effective aspects of them.  We should then model that behavior on a consistent basis.

P = Passion
Passion is doing what makes us feel the most alive!!! We must develop a passion for what we do. This passion will get us out of bed in the morning when we don’t feel like it. Passion sets fire to discouragement. Passion creates excitement in those around us. If you light yourself with passion, people will come from miles around to watch you burn.

A = Action
By turning passion into action, we will surely make an impact! Oftentimes, this is the biggest challenge we face — putting our passion into action. There are times when we don’t feel like being impact players. Our passion is at a low level and the feelings have gone. The key is this: we must “act” our way into feeling and not wait to “feel” our way into acting.

C = Comedy Relief
We must enjoy our intensity and our modeling and our passion and our actions.  We must enjoy our journey not just the arrival.  Along the way we must remind ourselves to have fun, loosen up, and laugh out loud.  We shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.  Remember:  angels fly because they take themselves lightly!

T = Trust
We must learn to trust ourselves.  Too often we are waiting for all the lights to turn green before we leave home.  There is an adage that states: trust your gut!  We should learn to trust our feelings.

By becoming an IMPACT player, all those around you will benefit.  Go out there today and knock ‘em alive!

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